FAQ / Sewing Suggestions

*When sewing out the design, please follow the "Color and Stitch Order Chart" that comes with the design and not the sewing machine colors. You may also choose to use any colors of your choice.

*Due to the nature of how cross stitch is digitized the designs cannot be resized by a resizing program - I can only change to a different stitch count size if you prefer. Not all designs can be changed to a different stitch count - if you are interested, please email me before purchasing.

*Material Suggestions

The designs can be stitched out on any middleweight cotton fabric or a midweight linen or linen like fabric.

I would recommend anything except Aida cloth. Even if you line up the first hole, there is no guarantee the rest of the design will line up.

I've done machine cross stitch on light to medium weight fabric such as linen or broadcloth or even denim. They have all turned out well.

I prefer the midweight linen fabric because it looks similar to hand cross stitch. Any kind of the cross stitch linens would work on some designs too if you prefer, such as Belfast 32ct or Jobelan 28ct.

Machine embroidery cross stitch is more dense so you will also need the appropriate stabilizer with the design. I would use a midweight to heavy weight stabilizer.

Any embroidery thread works great. Embroidery thread ie: Sulky, etc. is needed if you intend to wash the item. For pictures my preference is cotton thread only because it gives a real "cross stitchy" look and feel.

*What formats do you offer?


*What if I do not receive my designs?

If the e-mail gets lost on it’s way, please check your spam folder first and then e-mail me and I will resend your designs to you right away! Please send along with a short description within the email.

*What is your refund policy?

We do not offer refunds or exchanges. Once the designs are delivered, there will be no refunds given. Sorry.

**Please Note:
We can not guarantee that your software will reflect the thread colors that we used to sew the designs. In fact, we can almost guarantee that your software will NOT reflect the thread colors that we used.

Please ignore the colors that you see on your display screen and follow the "Color and Stitch Order Chart" that we provide for each design -- not the color information that your software provides, or the colors on your machine's screen.

*Please contact us with any questions you may have using the link below:


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